Job placement agencies such as Brickell Personnel are better at talent acquisition because we have years of experience specializing in satisfying the staffing and recruiting needs of other businesses. Brickell Personnel has been providing new employment opportunities for the Miami-Dade County for many years. We believe we have the right expertise to help you with your workforce. Our ability to screen candidates and identify the most qualified people for the position helps reduce the risk of selecting a poor candidate. It is not always straightforward when trying to find the best candidate for a position, and it can be a serious setback for business when the wrong candidate is selected. However, the risk of this can be significantly reduced when using a staffing agency due to the advantages they have gained over the course of their success and experience.



We measure our success by your success. Our track record reflects the confidence that our clients have placed in us to meet their needs for identifying the critical talent necessary to drive your business forward.


We take a long-term "partnership" view of our client relationships. Our goal is to provide the talent suited to meet the challenges of your business resulting in sustained profitability and growth.


Our professional research standards identifies highly qualified candidates who are often not actively seeking to make a change in employment and would not otherwise come to your attention.


Every candidate we refer for your consideration has been thoroughly screened, including a face-to-face interview with a member of our consulting team, to ensure that each is a match for the requirements of the job and the profile to fit your organization needs.


Our job seeking services are equally essential as we help you get placed with top companies. Brickell Personnel takes into account your preferences and previous experiences as well as your career goals to get you in the right position. This has allowed us to have years of experience placing people in a wide variety of specialties. So, no matter what field you want to pursue, you can rely on our job finding site to find you a job that suits your needs and meets your expectations perfectly



Available on a retained search or contingency basis, we will seek out qualified candidates both in and outside of the local market and present these candidates to you already screened to match what the position qualifies and as well as the company's needs. A one-time fee is charged equal to a defined percentage of the hire's projected first year annual compensation. 



When you would prefer to outsource a short-term assignment rather than providing regular employment, temporary agency Miami firm Brickell Personnel can provide you with market professionals at a negotiated project fee or hourly rate.


These contracts are a popular way of bringing in staff on a short and long-term basis in order to determine who is the best fit for the permanent position. At the end of the temp-to-hire contract, your business can choose whether or not to retain the staff within the company. You now have the flexibility to put employees under a probationary period and determine who is the best suited for the job.


Whatever the job, I’ve got you covered. Contact us now.

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